Secret Fix are a fuzzed-out, psychedelic five-piece hailing from Kettering in Northamptonshire. Their healthy mix of shoegaze and psych is overwhelming good as tracks like Kissy Kiss and Paralysed can put you into a complete trance. Secret Fix tell stories about wishes and depressed images in their heads. Lost friendships and forgotten beloved ones.

Moonbow is the sonic space scapes of Eleanor Hardwick and Beau Hulse. For Moonbow there’s no such thing as a typical gig. When they prepare to perform, they dream up ways to work as many mediums as possible into what they call their ‘sonic spacescape’ and encourage full audience immersion: atmospheric photography and video, original set design, the scent of thunderstorms and eclectic costuming are just as important to the duo as the way their experimental-electro-ambient pop music sounds in the venue.

Dreamy vocals, swirling guitar and a fusion of haunting and hopeful lyrics create the atmospheric sound of Solo Sol. Labeling the music with a specific genre makes for a fun challenge but if you’re up for it, you can imagine a house party with a 60’s psychedelic pop vibe and guests like Mazzy Star, Mojave 3, Yo La Tengo, Belle & Sebastian, and Cowboy Junkies creating the feel and tone one band member calls “space folk.”

White Candles are a cryptic group who find joy in the composition of music for your dreams and your strangest journeys. Based in Philadelphia, White Candles are comprised of members of the now-defunct pop ensemble Brown Recluse and the baroque psych project Garden Gate. Sunstone have signed the band to be able to give 3 of the 5 tracks from the Active Listener’s digital release ‘Flowers for Delia’ a release on wax. Think Lamb lies down on Broadway seguing into Ruth White, White Noise, Kinks, USA, Lamb Lies Down and you’re somewhere there.

A one-man trip in a haunted spaceship. Since 2009, Moth Effect has piloted propulsive, spaced-out and spooky missions from leafy Sussex. Mangling guitars, synths and noises into pulsing grooves and slow-mo psych, he has wondered through broken chunks of Krautrock, discovered life in long-dormant pits of fuzz and faced oscillating phasers without fear.